Site-ul săptămânii

Declar site-ul săptămânii: Adică “high” + “ideas”. Adică idei care-ţi vin cât timp eşti sub influenţa fumului unei anumite plante ilegale.

Mi-a plăcut:

Midget Village
Buy a forest. Adopt 8 midget babies every year (mixed race). Be the only non-midget around and raise them to think you’re their god.

E la început, dar pun pariu că în câteva zile se umple cu idei, majoritatea amuzante, toate proaste. O sursă de umor cu potenţial.

5 thoughts on “Site-ul săptămânii

  1. 1. Become very rich.
    2. Purchase 1 ton of weed. This will cost you 6 million dollars.
    3. Purchase a helicopter. I don’t know how much this costs.
    4. Dump 1 ton of weed into a Volcano in Hawaii.
    5. Prove or disprove the hypothesis that everyone in Hawaii will get high. Submit tape to Mythbusters. :)))

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