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[audio:two gallants – nothing to you.mp3]
Two Gallants – Nothing To You

Well my kind’s been around forever
And I claim to be one of the few
But the lost cause of words walks away with my nerves
‘Cause I’m gay as a choir boy for you

You got hair that recalls me of rivers
Runs softly while you dream of you
But your heart is so cold that it shivers
‘Cause that I know is I’m nothing to you

And I followed you into the party
That no one invited me to
But alone I made love to my 40
And played make-believe it was you

But I watched you forget your belongings
And belongings you’ve got quite a few
I filled up your bag with my longings
And searched through this whole, wide city for you

And we’ll walk ‘neath the street lamps forever
You’ll say you remind me of you
It’s so damn cliche that it’s clever
It’s so fucking false, you think that it’s true

‘Cause I heard that you forgot that you were a lover
And lovers you’ve got one or two
But you can’t tell one from the other
Now, mama, now you’re nothing to you

And it’s down by the riverside wasting away,
And it’s down by the riverside, feet in the clay

And it’s down by the riverside, wasting away,
And i’ll bid your frail features adieu
Yeah, down by the riverside, feet in the clay,
‘Cause, mama, you’re nothing to you.

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