2 thoughts on “cal·li·pyg·i·an

  1. asta e tare…referring to a statue of Aphrodite ;))
    Acum serios iti imaginezi cum a fost folosit prima data cuvantu:

    – OMG, look at that callipygian girl!
    – She’s not callipygian, she’s from Texas. But … she does have that weird accent…

  2. Hehe, eu ma gandeam ca de fapt Sir Mix-A-Lot a incercat sa-l foloseasca prima data:

    S. M.-a-L.: “Pai primul vers ar fi ‘I like callipygous girls and I can not lie, you other brothers can’t deny'”
    Producatoru: “Cred ca ar fi mai bine sa o lasam mai moale cu cuvintele mari. Zi-le ‘big butts’ mai bine”.

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